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USA SIMULATORS wishes to thank National Petroleum, INC at 1616 Industrial Blvd. Suite 104, Chula Vista, CA for providing all the Lubricants for our RWMOTORSPORTS Sprint Car 2019 Season,

Thank you for showing interest in our very exciting simulated vehicles. All models can race each other or stand alone. Car features: World of Outlaws sprint cars, NHRA, NASCAR, and more!

RAE Automotive - Simulators Division

Rent for Your Special Events, Parties. We also Custom Build for your man Cave or She Shed or for the Kids to have for those days that they would love to have something to do


  • 912 D Street
  • Ramona, CA 92065
  • 760-212-1001

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Mr. Dave Stall and Sprint Car Party Simulators


We can custom build these for your ultimate experience, or our standard winged or non-winged sprint cars will give you a thrill amongst none other. Operating platforms available on custom builds with your PC, X-BOX 360, or the Playstation.

The dimensions of our winged and non-winged racers are 9 feet by 5 feet.

Racing Pods:
Blue (dimensions 6ft x 2ft)
Yellow (Dimensions 7ft X 3 ft)
Red (Dimensions 9ft X 5ft)

*Transportation and Setup Available
*Professional Race car Driver Available
*Can be built to your specifications just give us a call for more details 760-212-6969

Racing Simulators

  • Real Retired Racecars!
  • 21" Flat Panel Screens
  • 7-Channel Surround Sound
  • Network Cable - Race All or Individually
  • No Gas, No Oil!

Games to Play

  • World of Outlaws
  • NHRA Drag Racing
  • And more!